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The following links enable users and families to report concerns for specific platforms as well as provide information on Age rating, main features and parents guides.

Report and remove app


Age rating: 13+  Main features:  chat channel for video games, voice or text chat

Parent Guide to Discord 

Report content on Discord 



Age rating: 13+  Main Features:  Newsfeed to share text, photos & videos, instant messaging, marketplace, friends, likes and comments.

Parent Guide to Facebook  

Report content on Facebook 



Age rating:  13+ Main features:  photo & video sharing, live streaming, stories, DMs, hashtags

Parent Guide to Instagram 

Report content on Instagram:  




Age rating: 13+  Main features:  photo & video messaging, snaps, location sharing

Parent Guide to Snapchat 

Report content on Snapchat:  



Age rating:  13+ Main Features:  making & sharing short videos, lip-syncing

Parent Guide to TikTok 

Report content on Tiktok: 



Age rating:  13+ Main features:  tweets (text with restricted character count), photo and video sharing, hashtags

Parent Guide to Twitter 

Report content on Twitter 


You Tube

Age rating:  13+  video upload and streaming community

Parent Guide to Youtube 

Report content on Youtube 



Age rating:  16+  Features:  messaging, video, group chats, photo sharing, end-to-end encryption

Parent Guide to WhatsApp 

Report content on WhatsApp 



Age rating:  13+  Main Features:  messaging, friends, photo sharing, Avatars, earn gems

Parent Guide to Wink 

Report content on Wink